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Why Do I Need a Will?

Although death is one of those topics we’d all prefer to avoid, it’s one of those necessary conversations to have when it’s time to think about your estate plan. Often times, the integral part of an individual’s estate plan is their will. A person’s will, more formally known as a Last Will & Testament, is […]

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Buying a Property with Cash

Cash remains king when it comes to real estate closings for a number of reasons. Why? First, you aren’t at the mercy of a mortgage company and therefore don’t need to be bound by the timeline they set. Some mortgage companies require 60 days to close on the property, while cash closings can happen in as […]

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Who does your Title Insurance Company Represent?

Just because you are the party who has the choice in which title company will be handling your closing does not mean that you’ll be represented by the title company. In fact, the only time you can ever be represented is by an attorney that you hire. A title insurance company cannot represent any party […]

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‘Tis the season for Property Taxes

Each November, South Floridians have a lot to look forward to: 75 degree weather while their friends in the north experience their first snowfall, the upcoming holiday season, and, of course, their property tax bill. Property tax bills are mailed out by the counties on the first of the month, but are also available and payable […]

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Information for Real Estate Agents

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Smooth Closing Tips: Be Responsive

Be Responsive. Seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised just how many people are difficult to get a hold of after that real estate contract lands on the closing agent’s desk.  Your attorney and closing agent are going to have to ask you specific questions they need for the documents they have to prepare […]

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Smooth Closing Tips: Have Your Documents Ready

You’ve put in your offer on the home of your dreams, and it’s just been accepted. Congratulations! It turns out, however, that all that time driving around neighborhoods, scouring the internet for the newest listings, and dropping by open houses was only half the battle. The closing process has now begun, and between the mortgage […]

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Residential Real Estate

residential Real estate

residential real estate

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