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Smooth Closing Tips: Have Your Documents Ready

It's important to get your financial documents in order prior to your offer. This way, your closing won't be held up.
It’s important to get your financial documents in order prior to your offer. This way, your closing won’t be held up.

You’ve put in your offer on the home of your dreams, and it’s just been accepted. Congratulations! It turns out, however, that all that time driving around neighborhoods, scouring the internet for the newest listings, and dropping by open houses was only half the battle. The closing process has now begun, and between the mortgage company and the logistics of moving, your plate just got a bit fuller. To keep your eyes on the prize- moving into the home you’ve worked so hard for- keep this in mind:

1. Have Your Documents Ready: Seems like a no-brainer, but some people are actually shocked when their Mortgage company asks for their in-depth financial information. Before even beginning the process, know that you’re going to need to pull out those tax returns from the file cabinet, bother your bank for account statements and average balances, and provide a snapshot into your investments. Every lender will have their own requirements, so by being as prepared as possible in advance will save you the headache later. Additionally, if you are selling a property, you should blow the dust off of your old Title Insurance Policy and Condominium documents as your closing agent will likely ask for them. If you have an old survey, sometimes those can be useful, as well. If you’ve got most of what you need ready to go, the closing process won’t be delayed for the number of days it takes to take time off work for an appointment with your bank and the closing will stay on track.

Stay tuned for tip number 2!


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